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Quarterbacks may last a bit longer

Every year there are some NFL players that analysts Byron Murphy Jersey , coaches and fellow competitors alike, expect great things from, who simply don't get the job done. More often than not, successful players last a few years and slowly lose their effectiveness and retire in their early to mid thirties.  JaMarcus Russell, one of the most notorious draft busts of all time was, in essence, an NFL non-contender after just a couple of years in Oakland.Russell is just one example Andy Isabella Jersey , and unfortunately, for every long NFL career, there are many short ones. In many cases, a player may have a decent year, be signed to a new contract and then, for whatever reason, stop performing. In other cases, these players may be signed as backups to different teams Zach Allen Jersey , but in essence, their career as an impact player in the NFL is over. If they are not signed, they may enter the ocean of free agency. So while we don't predict each of these young players being cut next season, we do predict that many of them will not see time as consistent starters again in the NFL, that 2014 is a negative turning point in their careers, and very possibly the start of the end of their professional careers.This list contains ten young players that may not have a significant future in the NFL after the 2014 season. This does not mean that they will remain unsigned and float off into obscurity, but this list will be for those 2014 players who have earned a good chance of either unemployment or a permanent backup job. The reasons for these changes of duty may be chronic injury, poor play Hakeem Butler Jersey , penalties and suspensions, or some painful combination of the three. "Young" is somewhat of a subjective term but given that the average age of NFL retirees is 28 or 29 (depending on your source), we've focused on players 27 years old and under.This list is very subjective and will likely offend some of you, so I send over some death threats and fury in the comments section. If not, a reasoned, well thought out counter-argument works too. NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A “Boycott Bowl” festival and a jazz funeral procession putting the football season to rest encapsulate how New Orleans residents feel about the Super Bowl, and even the city’s police department got in on the disenchantment.NOLA.com/The Times-Picayune reports the New Orleans Police Department made a spoof video showing their investigation into the infamous “no-call” in the NFC championship that the Saints lost to the Los Angeles Rams.The department posted the video on social media featuring two detectives interrogating a referee. They use king cake to break him down and confess that he robbed New Orleans of a chance to play in the NFL’s championship.The newspaper’s nearly blank front page also summarized what those in the Big Easy think of the New England Patriots’ win over the Rams on Sunday: “Super Bowl? What Super Bowl?”
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